In recent years there have been significant changes in employment law governing the relationship between employer and employee. The law is continuing to develop and accordingly it is essential that specialised legal advice is obtained.

Employees generally can now only be required to work for a maximum number of hours per week, are entitled to a minimum level of pay and period of holiday, and parental leave is now available to both the mother and father. Such changes, coupled with the recent increase in the compensatory award for unfair dismissal means that no matter what size of business, from an employers point of view it is vital that all steps be taken to minimise the risk of potential and actual claims.

We are able to assist both the employer and the employee in seeking to enforce or clarify their rights. In
particular we are able to advise, assist and if necessary offer representation in relation to the following:

  • Unfair and wrongful dismissal claims
  • Breach of employment contract
  • Redundancy and related matters
  • Working hours and holiday entitlement
  • Parental leave and time off for dependants
  • Transfer of a business; the effect upon employees and obligations on the part of the employers
  • Discrimination due to race, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation
  • Equal pay and minimum wage claims
  • Sexual harassment and victimisation in the workplace

Furthermore, in order that both the employer and employee understand their obligations and to reduce the
likelihood of disputes arising at a later date, it is essential that employment contracts, policy documents and
company handbooks are clear, unambiguous and reflect all changes in the law. In addition to the above we are
able to offer advice and assistance in connection with the following:

• Drafting of new contracts of employment
• Amendment/variation of existing contracts
• Preparation of Directors service agreements

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